Monitoring and Performance Management

Monitoring and performance management is referred to as an arrangement for observing, detecting, or recording the health of a machine, system, and process.Monitoring can be done at different layers of technology stack i.e. Application, Infrastructure monitoring.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is a mechanism that ensures expected performances or scope for software application processes. This technique routine identifies, measures and classify the performance of an application and also provides the factor for isolating and rectifying any deformities or shortcomings.

Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring provides the infrastructure manager data required to figure out the status of the compute tier and the facts to quantify progress towards organizational objectives. In its most straightforward depiction, infrastructure monitoring can be the reflection of as the continual collection and evaluation of meaningful data about the infrastructure. This frequent collection and review of data are what enables effective infrastructure management. The insights gathered through infrastructure monitoring provides the ability to manage additional processes such as capacity management, availability, service level management, security, etc

Performance Management

It is the process of identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are crucial to the organization and display them on Performance management dashboard. Variant resources are populating data metrics and algorithms are written to bring value out of it. Performance management can be part of the asset management strategy to enable auditing and monitoring of asset for service delivery.

Winsys technology advocates the use of AI and ML supported correlation monitoring tools which can showcase all three tiers of monitoring on one dashboard so that RTO can be reduced for any incident. At Winsys we focus on reducing complexity and making solution cost effective with holistic visibility across monolithic, modular and cloud-based environments. Winsys provide the following services in this horizontal.

  • Providing monitoring solution which may be consumed on Machine Learning methodologies and CI relationship model.
  • Working with all tier of monitoring and try to bridge it with the right cloud first monitoring solution.
  • Performance on cloud and right dashboard aligned to business needs will be the highest priority.
  • Every project will result in the hiring of right capability practitioner.